4 Building Blocks of Human Success

At a very young age I started my spiritual journey, Being born and brought up in Christian family with strong Christian values, Initially I chose priesthood as my vocation but some circumstance in my personal life which guided me towards family life as my vocation and serving people became my mission that was exact decision which I took before I come out of  vocation of being priest.

Life seems beautiful when we are happy, peaceful, joyful, when we eat  healthy food which keeps us away from illness, sound financial situations and outer wellbeing and at the end food relationship which makes our life a meaning full one.
Lets me pen down my experience in terms of Successful building blocks.


Faith is an super natural in its nature which you cant see but surely can experience. I realized the real power of faith specially during my tough times which helped me to rise up like an eagle and dust myself from the pit which I had fallen with confidence to live my life in fullness without giving up, Every time I touched the ground in my personal life and in my business, I took courage to look up to my creator with gratefulness for being alive. Practicing faith in my life as like daily routine which I cant afford to skip. My personal experiences taught me the value of it by holding me in my tough times. I encourage each one who read my post spend at least 15 min a day to help yourself in building a strong foundation of faith so that you will never chance to give yourself to failure easily rather you choose to fight back.


We are not created  for food but food was created for us, Its our choice and freedom what we need to eat But if we fail to choose the right ones may lead to genetic illness, Illness of body leads to illness of mind , heart and soul too.  One who knows how to eat will never have problem of sickness, I was bit health conscious and I prefer natural and organic which helps me keep up the sound body to achieve more and worriless because it has become my daily routine 


Financial stability depends on our knowledge , experience, skills , goals , dreams and education too. We are the product of what we believe and dream. When you are sound financially you can see so many closely following you which means money has power to influence people and society but kind of influence you want to create depends on you. It can be positive & negative. After all financial abundances demands discipline, efforts and knowledge of managing right in a right manner. If anyone want to become financially sound need to practice financially discipline of saving, investing, budgeting & managing. Increase the streams of Revenue before you increase the ways of expenses.


Fashion means for me a well grooming of outside appearance and the clothing of inners elf , its important as inner self ,  infect I believe outer appearance is the reflection of inners self, It doesn’t mean this rule is applicable every time when some one dresses well. In reality our behaviors, actions and words are the expression of our fashion. We look great when we dress our life’s with joy, happiness and ability to smile even in the moments of great challenges.  


Good people around us makes our life beautiful & worth living but finding those good ones who empower us in our life is  our biggest challenge and achievement too. Normally we see thousands of people as our friends in our FB or INSTAGRAM etc.,  account but it doesn’t mean we have thousand people around us to empower, we cant expect everyone to like us or appreciate us. Some people come into to our lives to inspire, some to teach lessons. Ultimately all things happens in our life is for good. Its all about how to respond to them in a appropriate way which helps us to build a good gesture of relationship. Our genuineness in our friendship and relationships is key. Don’t ever mix-up your friendship & Business for your personal gain, respect every human being as unique & worthy.   
In conclusion we see that all building blocks of our success our depending on each other  and all are equally important.

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