Founder- Breves Infologies & Breves Foundation Transformation Leader, speaker, consultant. He is passionate about helping individuals to start profitable online & offline businesses without office to experience financial freedom as part of his mission to serve people. He has mentored 8000+ individual from Asia, Middle East & Africa Etc. Brayn Dias has 13years experience of working with major industries in the Market.


Breves Foundation ( now it’s called Breves international social work & charity organization) which has registered office in Udupi, karnataka. India.

Helping 1 million poor and needy children who are economically backward with better education, shelter, nutrition,

Empowering individuals and Businesses with digitalization & technology adoption for sustainable growth innovation, solutions, result and profitability.

Our Dream Projects
Digital learning universal ecosystem, Micro housing, micro finance, smart jobs(Digital Jobs)Globle Food Bank.

Our commitment
We believe together we dreams, work and we can make difference by helping needy and poor with 10’/, of our profits. We have commited 10’/, of our income to this social cause and see our dreams of helping marginalized come true very soon. At present we are working on 1st phase of the projects where we are focusing on organizing resource, building network of like minded individuals and colaburating with govt bad non govt organization with clear strategy, goal, mission, vision and consistant efforts.
Connect with us to get involved to contribute with your valuable, ideas, time, advocating and Volunteering. We work on building this organization with digital infrastructure for easy access, involvement and get the best out of it.

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