How to fight Hindrance for your success in life?

Problems come to human being not to the stones. They come to make you strong, Sharpe and happy

Challenges are quite normal in the life of every person, but you must note that there’s a solution for all your problems provided you know your weaknesses and strength well, Right now lets discuss about the Human problems and try to connect with those issue which you are personally struggling, Feel free to add more to these insights if you are able to relate with these.
1. Financial hindrance-Lack of financial literacy
2. Psychological or emotional
3. Materialistic
4. Physical
5. Behavioral
6. Spiritual hindrance.
7. Environmental
8. Peer and relationship
9. Perceptional hindrance
Root causes :
1. Emotional wounds
2. Past life and bad experience in the childhood
3. Perceptions
4. Lack of knowledge and learning right methodology
5. Peer influence
6. Undisciplined life styles
7. Misconceptions
8. Poor parenting
9. Negative Environmental situation at home
10. Lack of guidance and mentoring
11. Inferiority complex
12. Comparing and negative thought process.
10. Lack of decision making capacity
Way out from Hindrances towards Success:
1. Inculcating Daily Habits
2. Practice Disciplined life style
3. Live by your Principals, don’t live by  by others decision.
4. Be surrounded by likeminded & positive people
5. Practice Spirituality
6. Volunteer for good cause
7. Regular Tithing of time , Money, Energy & knowledge
8. Give your best everyday
9. First Decide to be happy & you will be Happy
10.Avoid fights and arguments and respects everyone’s view points.

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