How to start business for Job experience & Passive Income in 21 DAYS

This is one of the unique and best way to add more experience to your CV and Career.

This article I have written specially for job seekers and unemployed and who are looking for the direction in their career & waiting to experience the financial freedom in their life.

What we will learn in this post

  1. We will analyze the whole situation at a glance
  2. Let’s discuss the problems of unemployed
  3. Types of solution available
  4. How to take the advantage of the situation and build our career as professionals
  5. How I’m making my living


Current situation at a glance situation at a glance

The pandemic crisis has affected almost every organization & businesses in the world, global economy is badly affected with impact could cause equivalent of 195 million job losses, says (International Labour Organization) ILO chief,

Share Markets have crashed and might take long time to recovery, most of the investors have been challenged to invest huge sum of money as they are in the verge of recovering, GDP growth has touched the bottom line.

Let’s discuss from the different point of views, God is the creator of our lives, but he has given us the free will to choose our career path based on our interest and passion, we all have choices and when we keep complaining the COVID-19, we are only once who get effected financially which will effect into other major crises in our life, best way to fight back by begin something immediately without thinking much,

It will be mind-blowing  way to get job experience before you take up your job by challenging the current situation is to start up something of our own with zero investments. What we need to begin at the moments is our purpose desires, goals and set right intention.

What are the problems faced by unemployed and job seeker’s?

  • No requirements taking place
  • No interview to attend
  • No source of income for survival
  • Undergoing stress
  • Emotionally growing week
  • Pressure to pay back the education loan
  • Not being able to contribute financially at home
  • All the dreams have been Shattered
  • Can’t go out or can’t face the outer world
  • Afraid of comments from relatives, friends and neighbors
  • Feeling of disappoints
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Get angry on own self for not getting hired anywhere.
  • Doubting once capabilities
  • Over comparing with the once who has a job already
  • Has already developed Poor mindset and ready to work for any salary just to survive
  • Over comparing with the once who has a job already, etc.

I have just only few of them as these came to my mind, I’m sure there will be many other issues will be faced by unemployed, I have been working with young professionals and entrepreneurs form over the decades, I myself have gone through the similar situation like all of you,

Trust me all these problems as an unemployed you are facing just a temporary, I don’t want to call this as the problem but want them to address as challenges which can be sorted and has the way out.

This is the serious time to think about your career, goal and purpose of life ,

it’s not too late even if your at the age 45 or 55, You are completely responsible take this decision before your age flies further , You no need to worry if you are not able to find the suitable job, I have personally stood against this challenge and own the battle. Infect there was no one to guide me at that point of time. I had worked hard, tested and tried so many things to find the right things that can work for me, I started around 7 different business without any money or funds, If you use your God given gift your mind today with your life will change forever.

What are the Options available?

  • Niche Blogger
  • Digital Consultant
  • Digital coach
  • Content creator or writer
  • Digital Marketer
  • Social media manager
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Youtuber
  • Graphic designer
  • Freelancer
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Digital business owner
  • Business Trainer
  • Career or Business Mentor
  • CV writer
  • You can start up your venture
  • Web developer
  • Language trainer
  • Graphic designer
  • Start your out sourcing business
  • Virtual Recruiter
  • Remote System admin
  • Voice over artist
  • Video editor etc.

there are thousands of ways to choose your career online and live your life of freedom. All the above-mentioned career opportunities can start from a comfort of your home and most of them do not need any technical knowledge, skills or experience not even formal education. One basic requirement is readiness to learn.

Let’s Discuss phases of your career by step in Brief.


  1. Just Stop searching for job from now one for next 21 days.
  2. Just go and meet a old friend and spend time, laugh, talk, share, avoid discussing about the unemployment
  3. Reconnect with your creator and start your prayer life to boost your spirit and soul
  4. Go for a solo trip, just enjoy the environment or place you like alone just. I mean change the current environment and interact with new environment and new people
  5. Give time for yourself, allow your heart to speak to you because all these days, your mind and heart was action by the instructions and program of others.
  6. Take note of every thought and ideas that’s passing in your mind during traveling and thereafter.
  7. Just Share your thoughts using social media and ask ideas from the people.
  8. Just tell your mind that your about to do something new and big starting with baby steps.
  9. Just come back home as a brand-new person, just tell your family members that you are going to do something bigger and get experience as a preparation for your job.
  10. Discipline your life, have a daily schedule with just 3 task per day.
  11. Avoid Digital gadgets as its going to make you unproductive


  1. Write Down best three passionate areas of your life where you have education and interest.
  2. Take a note book and write down the arear you are best at keeping your passion in your mind
  3. Do the research online and find the problems faced by the people in your areas of interest you have chosen.
  4. Think of the solutions that you can provide for the problems that you have written down.
  5. Discuss with your mentor and make a plant to implement
  6. Start a Blog with no budget or zero budget with proper guidance from your mentor without fail otherwise you will waste the time, energy and money because there unwanted and unorganized knowledge available there on google and YouTube, why I’m telling you all these because of my personal experience and decades of experience in helping people like you. Choosing the right mentor is the key.
  7. Share your piece of solutions on your social media and Blog.
  8. Start interacting with people with problems and help them genuinely


Next phase needs hand holding and personal consultation and short training to sharpen your skills.

Practical by planning your small online business with help your mentor

You can sign up for 7days free training with me and I will be guiding you personally with 100% solution.


I know how it feels without the job and money in your pocket, how shameful you feel ask money from others for your expenses, without job. Whatever I shared here out of my experience and concern that I have for you, More then anything  it’s my mission and passion to help young people with better career opportunities and create 1 million transformation leaders to bring change in the world, since you have read till the end, you are one transformation leader being formed at the moment.

Don’t worry God has created you he will never live you lost or he will never allow you to fail in your life career provided you are always connected with Him spiritually and this is also my personal experience too. God bless you. Feel free to connect me any time, As my community member and at least as a human I will stand by you until you succeed in your career.

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