Keys to Digital entrepreneurial Success

These are sub-divided guidance based keys for Digital entrepreneurial success , I try to keep the post very simple so that you get benefits by readying in a simple key points in very short time.

1. Disciplined life style.
2. Clear Focus and purpose
3. Well-built spiritual life
4. Consistency in action and beliefs
5. Daily learning and practicing
6. Network of like minded people
7. A problem solving Idea
8. Business model which is tested
9. Financial education
10. Business education-Admin/accounts/Budget
11. Technical knowledge
12. Setup and working tools
13. Man power management
14. Locale business law
15. Business Ethics
16. Mastery over one thing
17. Sales and marketing knowledge
18. A proven system to bring success
19. Passion
20. Readiness to help others by your product and service
21. Continued Relationship with client till they become successful.

Please comment more if you want to add on to this information so that I will add to your opinions to thus post.

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